The Hidden Disabilities Toolkit - Enabling a whole organisation approach.Click here for the Key 4 Learning website.The Hidden Disabilities Toolkit - Enabling a whole organisation approach.

Why do you need to know about hidden disabilities?

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You can realise the potential of staff with hidden disabilities. Hidden disabilities explain skills and difficulties.
Specific difficulties can be explained and resolved often simply, cheaply and quickly. Understanding means you can start to find solutions.
A different way of thinking adds value to an organisation. People can reach the same end by a different route – people with hidden disabilities think differently.
Employers often find it difficult to reconcile the negative aspects of hidden disabilities with the positive side of an employee’s performance. Promotion may be hampered by specific difficulty. The realisation of different needs helps to open the closed door.
Disability legislation helps give the employer an understanding of disability and the context of legal obligations. Disability legislation gives the employee the reassurance to make a disclosure about their hidden disabilities.
Many students are coming through schools and universities with identified but hidden disability. It is important that an employer understands what this will mean to their organisations. Better understanding in the education sector means some employees coming into the workplace will have better ownership of their disabilities and be able to offer positive solutions to difference.
Some employees don’t recognise the reason for specific areas of their difficulty. Understanding skills and deficits means that an individual will find it easier to take hold of their own destiny.
Employers have a responsibility to their employees. Employees have a responsibility to their employers.

Understanding by all parties means realistic goals may be created and achieved.

Section: Introduction
Think different ability not disability.